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01 March, 2017
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 15:22 ): Last Friday evening, I was delighted to attend the Country Press SA Awards dinner at the Hahndorf Resort. The dinner was hosted by Mr Ian Osterman, the new Chairman of Country Press SA, and also,... Read more

15 February, 2017
I rise briefly to speak to this motion. Like some others, I first became aware of the Hon. Mr Kandelaars before he came to this place, when he was working for the then member for Torrens, Robyn Geraghty. I suppose since he has been here I became, ini... Read more

01 December, 2016
Adjourned debate on second reading.  (Continued from 29 November 2016.)  The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 11:23 ): I rise to speak on the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill 2016. Firstl... Read more

01 December, 2016
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 11:14 ): I rise to associate myself with the remarks of my colleague, the Hon. Mr Wade, who, as he has indicated, is the Liberal Party's lead speaker on this bill. I will not seek to add to his quite comp... Read more

01 December, 2016
Adjourned debate on second reading.  (Continued from 30 November 2016.)  The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 11:03 ): I rise to put on the record my position regarding the Relationships Register (No. 1) Bill 2016. I indicate tha... Read more

30 November, 2016
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 16:45 ): I move:  That the 119 th report of the committee be noted.  The Natural Resources Committee's Inquiry into Unconventional Gas (Fracking) in the South East of South Australia... Read more

30 November, 2016
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 16:38 ): I rise briefly to support the noting of this report and echo the contribution of the chair of the committee, the Hon. Mr Brokenshire. I think the Hon. Mr Brokenshire has covered the ess... Read more

30 November, 2016
I rise today to speak about the 50th anniversary of the Chamberlain family company, LR&M Constructions Pty Ltd, which was founded on 14 November 1966. The founding Directors were Lionel Chamberlain, Ronald Chamberlain (otherwise be... Read more

16 November, 2016
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 16:06 ): I move:  That the 26th report of the committee on its Inquiry into Work Related Mental Disorders and Suicide Prevention be noted.  As all members of this chamber would know, suic... Read more

02 November, 2016
The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 16:51 ): I move:  That the report of the committee on the Alinytjara Wilurara Regional Fact-Finding Trip be noted.  From 4 to 7 April this year, the Natural Resources Committee visited the Nat... Read more

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Phone: (08) 8237 9312
Fax: (08) 8212 7075
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