Adoption (Review) Amendment Bill

The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS ( 11:14 ): I rise to associate myself with the remarks of my colleague, the Hon. Mr Wade, who, as he has indicated, is the Liberal Party's lead speaker on this bill. I will not seek to add to his quite comprehensive remarks on the substantial provisions of the bill, but I will indicate my own position on clause 5 of the bill, which is a conscience vote for members of the Liberal Party and, I understand, equally a conscious vote for members of the ALP. 

I have thought long and hard about opening up adoption to those in qualifying relationships, essentially same-sex adoption. In considering this proposition, I have gone into the consideration for the rights of prospective parents and the development of an adopted child. I have had discussions with the Hon. Susan Close, the Minister for Education and Child Development, and I thank her for those conversations. 

I put on the record that had the amendments moved in the lower house not been passed, namely, to involve the eligibility of single individuals to adopt a child without court intervention, I would have been less keen to support this bill. However, in the form that it has come, not that I agree with the member for Newland on a great number of things, I do think that in this case it has made the bill a better one. I indicate my support for clause 5 of the bill.