Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins:


That this council—


1. Notes that—


(a) 2014 is the centenary year of the Red Cross in Australia, a substantial milestone in the social history of the nation , and commemorates 100 years of humanitarian service to the people of Australia;


(b) many Australians have shared a personal connection with the Red Cross, from its humanitarian role during two world wars, to preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural disasters, or helping vulnerable people and communities overcome disadvantage, and through its world-class national blood service;


(c) for 100 years the Australian Red Cross has enjoyed a unique auxiliary status to the public authorities in the humanitarian field, working in partnership with governments of diverse political persuasions, in Australia and internationally, to alleviate suffering in a voluntary aid capacity whilst adhering to its principles of independence, neutrality and impartiality; and


(d) the Australian Red Cross is part of the world’s largest humanitarian movement, with millions of volunteers working in over 100 countries, united by the fundamental principle of preventing and alleviating human suffering, without discrimination, wherever it may be found in times of war, conflict, disaster or personal crisis.


2. Calls on all honourable members of this council to join the Australian Re d Cross in celebrating the 100 th anniversary of its founding on 13 August 1914, nine days after the outbreak of World War I.


(Continued from 6 August 2014.)

The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS(20:09:26): First, I thank my colleagues the Hon. Mr Wade, the Hon. Ms Lee, my leader the Hon. Mr Ridgway, the Hon. Tung Ngo, the Hon. Kelly Vincent, and the Hon. Tammy Franks for their contributions to this debate, and a number of other people who have also indicated their support for the motion and, obviously, their support for the Red Cross.


The contributions we have had on this motion today have provided a wide range of examples of the work of Red Cross locally, nationally and on the international stage. Each of the speakers has brought a different context to their own experiences with the Red Cross. In particular, we have heard of the involvement of the Red Cross in the Tatiara district, in the Bordertown area particularly, and of course in Vietnam. We have also listened to a range of other ways in which the Red Cross has had an impact on society generally over the last 100 years.


I also acknowledge the fact that you, Mr President, have indicated your support in perhaps reactivating your blood donation regime. I think you are probably like a number of other people who give blood donations for a time and then, for whatever reason, lose track of it but then wish to come back. I would certainly support any work you might suggest or any other member who is interested in raising awareness of blood donation. That is how I became involved—through the Hon. Mr Gilfillan and the now Speaker of the House of Assembly, who were the ones who activated new members in my day. With those few words, I commend the motion to the council.


Motion carried.