The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS(14:30:43): I briefly rise to support this motion. I met the Hon. Mr Banfield when I was a young lad, I suppose, as my father was in this place for all of the time that the Hon. Mr Banfield was here. Despite their different backgrounds, they developed a friendship and mutual respect for each other that I think many of us in this place acknowledge can be developed across the party lines, and they had a strong regard for each other.

I remember when I came to this place, I met the Hon. Mr Banfield in the refreshment room otherwise known as the bar. I think he used to come in quite regularly for meetings of former members of parliament, and he greeted me as 'Young fella, I remember you, you're Boyd's son.' Every time I bumped into him he told me some stories about my father's time in this place, some of which I think were exaggerated, but I always enjoyed meeting the Hon. Mr Banfield, and I would like to add my condolences to his family.

The PRESIDENT: If there are no further speakers, I ask all honourable members to stand in their places and carry the motion in silence.

Motion carried by members standing in their places in silence.

[Sitting suspended from 14:32 to 14:46]