Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. J.S.L. Dawkins:

That in accordance with the recommendation in the report of the Select Committee on the Inquiry into the Corporation of the City of Burnside, the Legislative Council refers the report to the Office of Public Integrity for its consideration.

(Continued from 21 May 2014.)

The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS(17:03:59): I appreciate those members of this chamber who have made a contribution to this motion, and a number of others who have expressed their support without wishing to speak this afternoon. I thank the Hon. Mr Ngo for bringing forward the dissenting statement that the Hon. Mr Kandelaars attached to the report, as is his right. I would also like to particularly thank the Hon. Mr Darley and the Hon. Mr Wade, because I think they have made some valuable points in summarising the key issues of a very complex matter.


As I said when moving this motion, I think it is one of the most complex matters that I have ever dealt with in this parliament. I particularly appreciate the succinct way that the Hon. Mr Darley went through a number of points that clearly cut through the issues that were key in our examination of this whole matter.


Without speaking for too long, I should give credit to our former colleague, the Hon. Ann Bressington, for her passion in seeking to have this matter examined by a committee of the Legislative Council and for her chairmanship of the committee for the great majority of its time. I also thank all the other members who worked very hard when we discovered that the Hon. Ms Bressington was no longer available to chair the committee. We worked very hard during a very busy time in the lead-up to the caretaker provisions coming into operation so that we could make sure we got that report delivered to the then president. I thank those members for their support for me as acting chairperson of that committee, in delivering the report and also in bringing this motion to the council. With those words I commend the motion to the council.


Motion carried.