Life in Mind National Communication Charter Signing

21 July 2020

On July 21st John was delighted to welcome a number of Parliamentary colleagues to sign the Everymind Life in Mind National Communications Charter in the Old Chamber of Parliament House.

The signing of the certificate is representative of the pledge to enact the eight core principles of the Charter for the unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention:

  • Make mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention a national priority
  • Use appropriate, person-centred and respectful language in all communication
  • Share nationally consistent information and messages
  • Work together to maximise our efforts and resources
  • Use The Charter as a guide for strategic communications, advocacy and awareness raising
  • Acknowledge those with lived experience of mental ill-health or lived experience of suicide
  • Respect the diversity of experience of those affected by mental ill-health or suicide
  • Promote crisis services and help-seeking information