LR&M Constructions

I rise today to speak about the 50th anniversary of the Chamberlain family company, LR&M Constructions Pty Ltd, which was founded on 14 November 1966. The founding Directors were Lionel Chamberlain, Ronald Chamberlain (otherwise better known to many by his second name of John), and Miriam Chamberlain. Hence the name LR&M.

Formerly based at Gawler for many years, the business is now located in the town of Roseworthy. The success of LR&M and the Chamberlain Group of companies is derived from its long serving, highly skilled employees, selected subcontractors and a strong family involvement, with five family members still employed by the group. 

Madam Acting President, as you and many others in this chamber are well aware, the letters LR&M and the family company to which they refer have been synonymous with the civil construction and development industry in South Australia and beyond for half a century. Equally, the name Chamberlain has been associated strongly with service to industry and community on a broad basis across that time. 

It was a privilege to have been asked to write the foreword to the book: The LRM Story: 1966-2016 Celebrating 50 Years, a family affair, written by Mr Robert Osborne. I am delighted that he was commissioned by John and Yvonne Chamberlain to chronicle the history of the LR&M brand, its associated entities, and the family unit that has featured so strongly in the commercial successes of the group over the last 50 years. Among the many facets of LR&M's contribution to South Australia featured in Mr Osborne's detailed history, two areas come readily to mind. 

Firstly, I would highlight the great generosity and support for a vast array of community and charitable organisations demonstrated by the LR&M group and individuals and families within it. I suppose there are so many of those organisations that have benefited from the generosity of not only the LR&M brand, but the broader Chamberlain family. To name one or two: the Operation Flinders Foundation, Variety, Apex, and a whole range of other groups that have been very much supported by the Chamberlain family. I also emphasise the development of leadership within the LR&M staff that has been a particular feature of the organisation through its history. 

It was a particular honour to contribute in a small way through to the writing of that foreword to this excellent edition of the modern history of South Australia, and to acknowledge my gratitude to the Chamberlain family for their long support and encouragement not only of my public service, but of other colleagues in this place, and many other people who have served the community across South Australia. 

It was a particular pleasure to emcee the launch of the book at Pindarie winery at Gomersal in the Barossa Valley last month, and a particular delight in more ways than one. The first attempt at running that book launch was on the night that South Australia lost power. Like so many other events, unfortunately, that had to be postponed. 

A fortnight ago tonight it was my great privilege to attend, along with Hon. Mr Ridgway from this place, the 50th anniversary dinner for LR&M, which was held at the National Wine Centre. Both of those occasions were fitting tributes to what is a wonderful family company that has been involved in the development of many projects around South Australia, but also in supporting the broader community spirit in this state.