The Parliament of South Australia consists of two chambers, the House of Assembly, or Lower House and the Legislative Council, or Upper House. The main function of the Legislative Council is to act as a ‘house of review’ for proposed legislation from the House of Assembly. Bills must pass through both houses of Parliament in order to become law.

There are 22 members who sit in the Legislative Council, who are elected for terms of eight years by proportional representation, with 11 members facing election every four years. The system of election for the Legislative Council is similar to its federal counterpart. Debates are presided over by the President and administration of the chamber is managed by the Clerk and Usher of the Black Rod.

In the House of Assembly there are 47 members representing each state electorate, who are elected for a term of four years. South Australia’s Premier sits in the Lower House. The Speaker is the chairperson of the House of Assembly, and the Clerk and Serjeant-at-Arms oversee the function of the chamber.

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