The Hon. J.S.L. DAWKINS(15:16:43): I rise to support this motion that is dedicated to the Hon. Dr Bob Such. I first knew Bob Such before he was a member of parliament. In fact, in the 1989 state election campaign, I did a significant amount of advanced party work for the Liberal Party, and we had a number of marginal seats we had to win. We in fact won five, which was not quite enough, but one of those was Fisher. I suppose as a flat country man from the north of Adelaide I learnt a bit more about those hilly suburbs just to the south. Certainly, I remember the energy that he took into that campaign; it stuck with me for a long time.

Also, like the Hon. Michelle Lensink, I do remember sharing some of those times on state executive when he came along as a proxy delegate for the premier. I also had quite a lot to do with Bob for another reason before I came to this parliament when I worked for Alexander Downer in his seat of Mayo, because actually for some significant period there was quite a crossover between the federal seat of Mayo and the state seat of Fisher. For one election period in particular, there were a couple of quite significant suburbs that were in the two electorates, so we had a bit in common there.


Obviously, when I came to this parliament, we were both in the Liberal Party joint party room together. Early in those days I remember a Liberal Party seminar at Port Pirie, and I remember the Hon. Mr Brokenshire being there. I think it was just before he was elevated to be a minister, actually. On the way home from Port Pirie, I needed a ride and so I rode home to Adelaide with the Hon. Dr Such, in a relatively small car. I cannot remember what it was, but he certainly gave me a lot of advice. He extoled his country connections, and I think many people here would probably have heard about his country cousins in various places, but with every town we went through on the way back from Port Pirie, he had a connection to it in some form or another.


The other connection I had with him for a brief period of time was when he served as the Speaker of the House of Assembly and was on the Joint Parliamentary Service Committee. He was only there for a short time, and I suppose to say that he was energetic and tested some of the traditions of the JPSC would be an understatement. I do extend my sympathy to all of the Such family and support the motion.